Highly versatile in music styles, compatible with the currently highest resolution bluetooth codec (LDAC), extensive manual control on the outside of the ear cups, with 28h of autonomy, an EQ application (limited) and high-end sound.
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It’s not every day you get a super headset like this SONY WH-H900N/h.ear on 2 in your hands. They’re on the low end of SONY’s high end. Being a headset launched in late 2017 and the existence of a new model (SONY WH-H910N) puts them at a price of opportunity with respect to the launched in 2017 (about 100 $ difference). Also, and this is very important, there are many reviews that ensure that these WH-H900N sound the same or even better (more balanced and with cleaner bass) than its big brother and best seller SONY WH-1000XM2. Here’s a review from where they claim it.


In the box we found the following.

  • Carrying case
  • Headset cable (approx. 1.2 m)
  • USB cable: Micro-USB (approx. 50 cm)
  • SONY Headphones WH-H900N

The cover is made of fabric, somewhat padded. It doesn’t protect too much, but because it’s not rigid it has much better portability.


Let’s get to the most important and complex point. At the beginning, as standard, they sound very good but a little cold.

The low end frecuencies are balanced by default, but if you are going to listen to pop-rock, electronic, R&B / Soul music or any style with emphasis on the bass, I recommend boosting them using the Sony APP “Sony | headphones connect” (android / iOS). I have crossed it out, in a few lines I explain why.

The default mids, already comes wonderful. They are the best of these headphones, they have a lot of body and punch. It’s great to listen to acoustic, classical, folk, jazz or similar music. This makes them very versatile and suitable for any kind of music.

The higher frequencies are a little bit cut on high treble range, and are slightly emphasized on low and mid-treble. This is not a problem, it sounds balanced.

Sound profile of Sony Wh-h900n (source:
Sound profile of Sony Wh-h900n (source:


So you can boost them slightly between 4.5 and 7.5 KHz and noticeably between 11 and 20 KHz.

The above mentioned APP “Sony | headphones connect”, is quite limited in EQ (only 5 bands + clear bass) and has a tremendous flaw: with the LDAC high definition codec it doesn’t allow to equalize (!!). And you can see the difference when using it. So I have chosen to use another EQ APP for android. I use Eqfy app (I recommend Boom Bass Booster & Equalizer for iOs). Here I leave my EQ proposal for the SONY WH-H900N.

sony wh-h900n eqfy EQ

The microphone is regular. It has the high frequencies remembered from 3.5 KHz, so the voice is heard poorly defined. I attach here a sample recorded by myself.

voice recorded with the SONY WH-H900N



Performance is another strong point. These are the highlights:

  • Compatible codecs: SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX HD and LDAC.
  • ANC (Active Noise Cancellation): simply acceptable noise cancellation.
  • DSEE HX: restores high range sound that is lost in compression (almost imperceptible).
  • 28h battery life.
  • Ambient Sound mode: to listen to the outside.
  • 40 mm drivers.
  • Very foldable.
  • Very complete tactile controls:


My head is not small, nor is it that I am stubborn, but just as others squeeze me, these do not. The headband has the right elasticity. The ear cups, which are a bit small, have enough vertical and horizontal rotation so that they fit the head well. With a sudden movement of the head they could fall off.

The synthetic skin of the pads is very nice, they didn’t make me sweat. The foam softens over time, the first few weeks it’s a bit stiff, but it’s not a problem.


They are not weighted headphones, and without prolonged use in hours (like the CORSAIR HS70 Wireless) I do not feel that they are uncomfortable.


The SONY WH-H900N didn’t just pass through my hands but stayed with me. They are one of my references to evaluate the headphones I’m testing, because they sound spectacularly good for a relatively affordable price in a HI-FI headset.

Highly versatile in music styles, compatible with the highest resolution bluetooth codec currently available (LDAC), extensive manual control on the outside of the ear cups, with 28h of autonomy, an application for EQ (limited) and to activate the surround, and a high-end sound, I RECOMMEND these headphones if your pocket can afford it.


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