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JBL TUNE 500BT are made entirely of plastic and are comfortable to wear. They have a good battery (16h), an optimized folding, attractive design, and an extraordinary sound for what they cost.
Sound (overall)
Low End
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Yesterday I got these JBL TUNE 500BT white color, wireless with bluetooth 4.1, 16h battery life and with a very interesting sound. When I made this review I was transported a few months ago, when I made the SONY WH-CH510, since they look like cousins but not brothers.


The box comes with a USB cable to charge the battery, a technical instruction booklet and the headphones.

JBL TUNE 500 BT unboxing contenido de la caja



I guess it was obvious but this is the strong point: the sound. Just like their Sony counterparts mentioned above, at this price range it is difficult to find headphones with this sound quality. You may have already seen dozens of headphones from unknown brands with very good ratings on Amazon or PcComponents, to say 2, but most of them are weak in the sound field.

Starting with the low end, they are characterized by the name JBL PURE BASS, which is a bass enhancer. Personally I think it is more dirty than anything else, but by equalizing those frequencies to the low, we manage to clean that blurry part that impregnates the rest of the frequencies, and the basses become quite round and clean while still being very present.

The mid frecuencies has body, you can feel the punch, and is primarily responsible for putting the JBL TUNE 500BT among the best wireless headset options in this low price range. The highs are correct, somewhat attenuated, so I recommend enriching them a bit. I have started using the Eqfy app on the andorid smartphone (I recommend Boom: Bass Booster & Equalizer for iOs). It has 10 EQ bands and a gain control. The best way to equalize is to increase the gain and reduce the frequency bands that we want to attenuate. There goes my EQ proposal for these great headphones.

jbl-tune-500bt EQ sterecheck

The microphone is normal, with a cut-off at about 3.5 KHz, which makes the voice sound less clear and also picks up some ambient noise.


Here are some highlights:

  • Double connection: connect with 2 bluetooth devices at the same time.
  • 16h of autonomy
  • No cable connection option
  • Direct access to the Google or Siri assistant, without having to unlock or touch the phone’s screen
  • Folded in (pro vs. Sony WH-CH510)
  • 5 minutes of charge = 1h of music

In relation to the materials, for that price, the JBL TUNE 500BT helmets give a sensation of certain fragility being 100% plastic, however the headband seems resistant to a certain extent, and it does not seem that any of the parts will break with normal use. The fabric of the pads is very thin, it does not seem very durable, the truth.

JBL TUNE 500BT plegados hacia dentro



Due to their vertical and horizontal rotation of the ear cups, they adapt well and do not press from one point more than another. The ear pads are quite pleasant to the touch. They are quite synthetic, without trying to achieve the “leatherette” effect of other ranges. The foam on the headband is welcome.

These are very light headphones, so, together with the inward folding, they have the virtue of portability


The JBL TUNE 500BT earphones are made entirely of plastic and their comfort is simply right. But they have a good range (16h), they are optimized for folding, they are beautiful in design, lightweight, and the sound is extraordinary for what they cost. Obviously, RECOMMENDED PRODUCT by

JBL TUNE 500BT en posici贸n horizontal
4/5 (1 Review)

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