Conectar auriculares bluetooth a windows 10

How to connect bluetooth headsets to windows 10 and other devices?

I’m often asked how to connect Bluetooth headphones or devices to a PC with Windows 10. Surprisingly, many PCs come without a Bluetooth wireless connection.

Connecting bluetooth in windows 10

If your computer is a PC tower, it is very likely that it does not have a bluetooth connection on the motherboard. When you enter the “Bluetooth and other devices settings” tab you will find by typing “Bluetooth” next to the windows button on the toolbar,

bluetooth conectar en windows 10

you will see “Add Bluetooth or other device” as the first option. If when searching for Bluetooth devices you get the message “Cannot connect”,

No se puede conectar bluetooth a windows 10

it’s probably because you don’t have the necessary bluetooth hardware or you just don’t have the USB stick connected to create the bluetooth connection.

In this case, I recommend one of these bluetooth adapters for less than 10 ?. I personally use the TP-Link UB400 nano.

Once the adapter is connected to the USB port, and having the bluetooth headset on (in some cases you have to leave the POWER button pressed until the led flashes or you hear the message “pairing”) you should see the Add device window.

Once the bluetooth headset has been selected, the message “connecting” will be displayed, ending with “The device is ready”.

Connecting a Bluetooth headphones to your ANDROID smartphone

To link an android smartphone to a bluetooth headset, follow these steps.

  1. Activate bluetooth on your phone.
  2. Turn on the headset and, if necessary, leave the power button pressed until the led flashes or “pairing” is heard.
  3. Press “Scan” on the bluetooth panel of the phone. When the headset appears, you can select it. From now on, they will be automatically paired when you turn them on if your phone (and Bluetooth) is on.
Escaneo de dispositivos bluetooth en android

Connect bluetooth headset to iPhone.

  1. Under iPhone Settings, go to Bluetooth and activate it if it was not.
  2. Turn on the headset and activate the pairing mode (leaving the button pressed in many cases).
  3. Select the headset from the list you want to pair. Next time it will be automatically connected.

Connecting bluetooth headphones to samsung TV

To link your bluetooth headset to a Samsung TV, follow the instructions:

  1. Go to the main menu and select Settings.
  2. Go to the Sound section.
  3. Choose Sound output.
  4. Now choose Bluetooth Speaker List.
  5. Turn on your headset and put it in pairing mode (leaving the power button pressed or with the appropriate button).
  6. Select your headset from the list of devices found. You will receive a confirmation message.
conectar auriculares bluetooth a televisor samsung TV

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