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Being a plastic gaming headset and wired without USB, the sound quality is outstanding, as well as its comfort. The design is attractive and the microphone, although a bit large, does its job decently. Because of the price range in which it belongs, the Logitech G332 headset is a safe bet that is hard to beat, at least in terms of sound quality.

  • Sound (overall) - 7.2/10
  • Soundstage - 7.5/10
  • Microphone quality - 7/10
  • Features - 5/10
  • Comfort - 7.5/10
  • Build quality - 6.7/10
  • Quality/price ratio - 8.5/10


  • Good sound quality
  • Pretty decent microphone
  • 50mm quality transducers
  • Suitable for PS4 and Xbox One
  • It gets much better with EQ


  • Almost 100% plastic
  • Wiring without USB connection
  • It lacks volume
  • The sound is balanced but lacks body
  • Great value for money
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I’m holding the Logitech G332 gaming headset in my hands. It’s a wired, low-mid range headset with no USB connection. It has 2 connection cables, the audio cable (green) and the microphone cable (pink). The headband is metallic but covered with plastic. The rest is all plastic except the ear pads which are made of synthetic leather.


By doing the unboxing we only find the headphones themselves with their non-removable cable, and a double cable adapter that separates the audio and the microphone.


We start with its strongest point, the sound. Not that it sounds scary but at that price range it’s very difficult to find something better in that aspect. The sound is quite balanced although there is some but: the bass is clean but lacks body, the mids lack punch and the treble lacks brilliance for the vocals. Having some pretty decent 50 mm transducers, applying a little EQ, the thing gets much better, especially in the bass. This is my equalization proposal for the Logitech G332:

EQ ecualización para Logitech G332

The Logitech G Hub software is not suitable for these headphones, so the EQ capture is from the cool 3D BOOMFor mac and PC (about 8 euros). With this same application you can give it a little more power since the lack of volume is one of the defects of these gaming helmets. If it’s a problem for you, I recommend a USB DAC like Creative Labs Sound Blaster Play 3, because for a very reasonable price it amplifies and improves the sound quality, and most importantly, if you use a PC, you stop using the motherboard’s own audio output, which almost always gives off that fried noise (humm or hiss) so typical of PCs.

Because it connects directly to the board, the microphone in the Logitech G332 headset picks up more background noise than you’d expect. However, the pickup quality is quite decent. It’s a folding microphone, which turns on or off depending on whether it’s folded or not.

micrófono plegable Logitech G332


There is little to say on the benefits side. It is not compatible with any of the brand’s software, nor does it have a USB connection, so it can be highlighted, due to its simplicity, that it is suitable for all types of platforms: PC, Mac (with USB DAC for the microphone), PS4 and Xbox One.


Because they have a very flexible metal headband, they do not squeeze the head. In addition, because of the horizontal and slightly vertical rotation of the cups, they adapt very well and do not load the pressure on a particular area. The cushions are made of pleasant synthetic leather, and do not give the sensation of heat after 5 minutes. They are not the softest I have tried but they do not feel like a discomfort.

Almohadillas de piel sintética Logitech G332

Capacidad de rotación de las copas auriculares Logitech G332


Being a plastic gaming headset and wired without USB, the sound quality is outstanding, as well as the comfort. The design is attractive and the microphone, although a bit large, does its job decently. With its price range, the Logitech G332 headset is a sure bet that’s hard to beat-at least in terms of sound quality.

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