JBL LIVE 500BT wireless headsets are hard to beat in their price range. You'll find few headphones under $130 that have this kind of sound quality, elegance and comfort. The bass is a wonder, and if you're a pop, soul and/or electronic music user you should try them.
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Today I’m trying out the highly coveted JBL LIVE 500BT wireless bluetooth helmets. A very attractive headset, very solid in construction, from a very reputable brand in professional audio and with a sound for pop – electronic profile for its beautiful and strong bass.

Unboxing cascos JBL LIVE 500BT


When we opened the box, we noticed that there was no case. We will have to buy a standard one as they cannot be put in a suitcase or backpack without protection. There is a USB charging cable (orange) and a mini-jack audio cable (red).


cascos en posición vertical JBL LIVE 500BT

You’re gonna love the sound of these headphones. Especially if you’re a pop or electronic music listener where the bass pushes the song. And the bass sounds great, clean and full-bodied. It really hooks you up. In my numerical rating I put a 9.25 on bass, for now, the highest in this field of top10auriculares.com. In mid and high they are almost at the same level. A little bright, to put it mildly. Having this more compressed pop/electronic sound profile, the separation of instruments suffers slightly.

I’m not going to propose any equalization, there’s no need.

The microphone, as in most of these bluetooth helmets with a built-in microphone in the headset, is regular. Outside noise isolation is good, and it has very low and high frequencies. Here is a sample of voice recording.


Here are some of the features offered by the JBL LIVE 500BT headset.

Controles y botones JBL LIVE 500BT

  • Assistant button (Alexa or Google)
  • Ambient Aware button, to activate the ambient sound via microphone.
  • TalkThru mode to lower the music volume and be able to talk without taking your headphones off (this is more marketing than something practical, really)
  • 30h of battery life. Quick charge of 15 minutes for 2h of autonomy.
  • Without ANC (Active Noise Cancellation)
  • 50 mm Drivers (transducers)
  • App Android/iOs My JBL Headphones ( it’s a disaster, it’s constantly disconnected, I hope they fix it ).


This is the “weak spot“. And I put it in quotes because it depends on what kind of head you have. These helmets are tight, especially when they’re new. By having vertical and horizontal rotation in the ear cups, the pressure is well distributed and they get carried away. The pads are made of very nice and well padded synthetic leather (PU leather). I liked the fabric feel of the headband.

Almohadillas piel sintética JBL LIVE 500BT


My conclusions about the JBL LIVE 500BT wireless headset is that it is hard to beat in its price range. You’ll find few headphones for less than £130 that have this kind of sound quality, elegance and comfort. The bass is a wonder, and if you are a pop and/or electronic music user you should try them. For the rest of the styles, they are also good, but these two go like a glove. However, if you have a big head, they may not be for you.

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