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VALORACI脫N: AmazonBasics Auriculares Gaming
AmazonBasics Auriculares gaming con cable PS4 Xbox One

Product Name: AmazonBasics Auriculares Gaming

Product Description: Auriculares gaming AmazonBasics compatibles con PS4, Xbox One, PC y Mac. Suenan muy bien, son c贸modos, el micr贸fono es perfecto y encima son econ贸micos. 驴Qu茅 m谩s se puede pedir? A ese precio, casi nada.

Brand: AmazonBasics

SKU: B078N66Y2M


Los AmazonBasics auriculares gaming tienen un sonido genial, un micr贸fono excelente, son muy c贸modos y pesan poco. Son de pl谩stico casi por completo y no disponen de app propia para activar la autopercepci贸n de micr贸fono. PRODUCTO RECOMENDADO por


  • Calidad de sonido / definici贸n - 8/10
  • Espectro sonoro / percepci贸n espacial - 8.6/10
  • Calidad captaci贸n micr贸fono - 7.7/10
  • Prestaciones - 7/10
  • Construcci贸n - 7/10
  • Comodidad - 8.5/10
  • Calidad/Precio - 9/10


  • Muy buena calidad de sonido
  • Amplia imagen stereo
  • Excelente captaci贸n de micr贸fono
  • Muy c贸modos
  • Almohadillas muy acolchadas y agradables
  • Econ贸micos


  • Materiales pl谩sticos casi por completo
  • Sin APP propia para activar autopercepci贸n de micr贸fono
  • Cableados

I’m starting the review of AmazonBasics gaming headset for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Mac. They sound great, they’re comfortable, the microphone is perfect, and they’re affordable. What more could you ask for? At that price, almost nothing.


When we unboxed the AmazonBasics gaming headset we found 4 elements:

  • The headphones themselves
  • The manual remote control for volume, EQ and microphone.
  • Mini-jack cable with mini volume control and microphone on/off.
  • USB cable to connect the hand control to the PC/MAC/PS4/Xbox One

AmaxonBasics auriculares gaming contenido de la caja


What a surprise that a fairly inexpensive headset has this sound so far above its range. To give you an idea, they sound remarkably better than the previously tested Logitech G332. The sound is very balanced, the bass is present and round. The midrange are right , if they had more punch it would be to force all the gamer buddies to buy them. The definition is good and the stereo image is wide. In sound, they don’t lag behind the great Corsair HS70 wireless (my favourite and the ones I use every day), but they are way ahead of them when it comes to microphone pickup: the AmazonBasics gaming headset picks up the voice with a body that looks like a “singer’s microphone”. For my taste, I would have remembered in bass, since the voice in gaming does not require so much presence.

I don’t propose EQ (equalization) because the manual desktop control has 4 presents of which 2 sound really good. They are identified by these icons: 鈾(EQ quite neutral) and 馃幃 (EQ with bass and treble boost).


While wireless gaming headsets are always preferable, the AmazonBasics gaming headset takes advantage of the cable to provide manual desktop control to level the volume, mute the microphone, and switch the EQ between your presets immediately. In contrast, they don’t have their own app for setting up your EQ presets, a possible surround effect, or a relevant point: to activate self-perception on the microphone. It’s always annoying not to hear your own voice through the mic and only naturally pick it up with the physical headset lock.

AmazonBasics auriculares gaming control manual de sobremesa volumen y micr贸fono


This aspect also surprised me. I’m used to mid-range gaming helmets having one of their weakest points in comfort because of budget cuts in materials. However, these headphones are really comfortable because of their nicely padded, synthetic-leather ear cushions and because they don’t press on the head any more than necessary. They have a good horizontal rotation of the ear cups. Vertical rotation is somewhat lacking.

AmazonBasics auriculares gaming almohadillas de piel sint茅tica


Finally, the construction is like 90% plastic, they are light, and the design, although it is a very subjective point, is a little rough or coarse. In places like whathifi they use the adjective “bulky”.

If you’ve come this far, looking at the price tag, it’s obvious that the AmazonBasics gaming headset is a RECOMMENDED PRODUCT by The sound is great, the microphone even better, they are very comfortable and lightweight. But there are very few buts: almost completely plastic materials and no software application of its own to activate the self-perception in the microphone.



  • Very good sound quality
  • Wide stereo image
  • Excellent microphone pickup
  • Very comfortable
  • Highly padded and pleasant cushions
  • Economic


  • Almost completely made of plastic
  • No own APP to activate microphone self-perception
  • Wiring
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