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SteelSeries Arctis 5 Headset

The SteelSeries Arctis 5 is a good wired headset with the great support of the SteelSeries Engine app and its features, with good sound without being spectacular, and quite decent comfort. In spite of everything, they are somewhat expensive for what they offer us.
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The SteelSeries Arctis 5 gaming headset is right between its little brothers, the Arctis 3, and the great Arctis Pro. The SteelSeries brand is a benchmark in gaming, even for professionals.


The sound of these headphones is good. Very good if we talk about the medium and high frequencies where it maintains a very netrual profile, without too much color, although a little short of punch (punch). In the bass area, specifically above 160 Hz (high-bass) is where they fail by an increase in decibels that blur the sound a little, it loses definition in the low frequencies. However, it can be attenuated with an equalizer. This is my equalizer proposal for the Arctis 5 SteelSeries:

ecualizador SteelSeries Arctis 5 ecualización

SteelSeries offers a great app to, among other things, equalize. Although it doesn’t allow you to be precise as it only has 5 bands, and is only activated with branded products. If you don’t have EQ in your O.S., here are 3 options:

  • For windows, free: Equalizer APO (The first EQ picture)
  • For Mac, free: eqMac
  • Mac/Pc (8 ?): 3D BOOM. It’s the one I finally using. It has up to 31 EQ bands, and the software modulation is very good. Not only useful for headphones, but also for speakers (it works great in iMacs).

muestra EQ con BOOM 3D

Let’s get back to the headphones. One of the best features of these headphones is the microphone. The pickup is excellent, and it has, through its app, a reduction of noise picked up by the microphone and an improvement in the clarity of your voice.


The Arctis 5 SteelSeries is wired and has a potentiometer (USB chat mix dial) in the middle of the cable so that the volume of the conversation can be adjusted in real time in relation to the sound of the game.

We have already mentioned that Steelseries has the APP to equalize and reduce noise. You can also adjust the microphone feedback, set the color of the LEDs, activate the 7.1 envelope, and adjust the volume of the microphone.

At a construction level, they are a plastic headset, with a Velcro adjustable headband. The design is very elegant, and you can hide the microphone when you don’t need it.


Without being particularly comfortable, they get carried away. Their pads are viscoelastic and it shows. But you can also see that they are covered with a synthetic mesh that is not very breathable. Perhaps the most negative point in terms of comfort is that they are a bit tight, and depending on the size of your head, they can become uncomfortable after a while. Not being able to adjust the plastic headband does not allow you to reduce the pressure that others do.


These SteelSeries Arctis 5 are a good wired headset with the good support of the SteelSeries Engine app and its features, with a good sound without being spectacular, and a quite good comfort. In spite of everything, they are a bit expensive so they offer us (116 ? the day I write these lines). I suppose it is due to the integration with the rest of lower and higher models that condition the price, although SteelSeries is not exactly a cheap brand.

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