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Noise Cancellation: What is and what types of cancellation are there?

Noise cancellation in headphones is a parameter that may be of interest to us when buying headphones or in-ear earbuds. There are different technologies to achieve this noise reduction.

CVC 8.0 noise reduction (Clear Voice Capture)

This proprietary Qualcomm technology is not purely a cancellation but a reduction in call noise.

CVC 8.0 noise reduction

CVC reduces ambient noise during a call and emphasizes your voice, so it makes no difference to you, but your caller will appreciate the improvement, which can be up to 30 db reduction.

Passive noise reduction

This passive cancellation is purely the sound blocking of outside noise by the physical design of the headset. Nor could one speak of cancellation without attenuating the noise by means of sound insulation.

Because of its construction, it is only possible to obtain this type of cancellation in 3 types of headset:

Over-ear or circuaural and ⬤ On-ear or supra-aural because of the design of their insulating pads and the pressure of the headband itself.

In-ear or intra-aural because they are inserted in the ear canal with a slight pressure that keeps them static.

Active Noise Cancelling (ANC)

ANC active cancellation is based on the capture of external noise through a microphone, and the emission of a sound wave of the same amplitude but with an inverted phase, creating what is called destructive interference.

Creación de una interferencia destructiva

The result is a powerful noise reduction that is ideal for noisy journeys in transportation such as trains, subways and airplanes. It is also a very good solution for working spaces where silence and isolation are required for better concentration.


Noise cancellation in headphones depends on the need of each individual. If it is really necessary, I recommend the ANC active cancellation although the cost will be high, especially in headphones with very good results in isolation.

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