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Corsair HS70 wireless Headset

CORSAIR HS70 WIRELESS have excellent sound (even better with the iCUE software's own EQ), a very stable wireless connection, quality construction and materials, great comfort at a VERY competitive price.
Sound quality
Microphone quality
Build quality
Quality/price ratio

The Corsair HS70 wireless headset is a benchmark. Very solid construction, high quality sound, decent microphone and above-average comfort. They are wireless, equipped with a USB flash drive that generates a 2.4 Gh connection with the headphones. Suitable for PC, MAC and PS4.


We are in front of an excellent gaming headset as far as audio is concerned. Very good definition, and a very balanced sound in bass, midrange and treble. You can tell that the drivers (internal speakers, or transducers) are of quality and good size (50mm). When listening to music, they ask for subtle equalization. I enclose my EQ proposal where I cut the bass in the 200 Hz area, and slightly emphasize the treble between 2 and 8 kHz.

Mi propuesta de EQ para Corsair Hs70 wireless

The EQ is made with Corsair’s own program called iCUE. You can use my setting as a starting point and attenuate or emphasize what your ears are asking for.

The sound quality picked up by the microphone is correct. The voice lacks some body, but the spoken communication is good. I’m putting in a voice recording for you to judge for yourself.


Wireless yes, bluetooth no: important detail, you will not be able to pair the Corsair HS70 wireless headset to your smartphone (which would be its thing for the sound quality) since the wireless works with a USB pen drive that generates that wireless network with the headset. When you turn them on, they connect to your PC instantly. The same goes for the PlayStation4, by plugging the pen drive into one of its USB ports. The wireless connection is stable without and appreciable latency. The problem with bluetooth is precisely the latency, and that’s why most gaming headsets don’t use this technology.

Controls: they have a volume potentiometer on the left earphone, and a button to mute/unmute the microphone. The microphone is detachable and completely flexible. And obviously, the power on/off.

botones y controles corsair hs70 wireless

Materials: The construction is solid, the materials appear to be of quality and the synthetic leather of the pads appears to be resistant. The headband is made of metal and cannot be folded like a wireless bluetooth music headset. Important detail when storing them. I recommend using a table stand, as in the initial photo.


The Corsair HS70 wireless helmets are very comfortable because of the synthetic leather padding and the padded headband. When they are very new, the headband is a little tight. After a month of use, the pressure on the head decreases and they become very comfortable. Thanks to the large size of their ear cups, this pressure is spread out over the head, also because of the vertical and horizontal rotation they allow.

Diadema cascos corsair HS70 wireless auriculares

CONCLUSIONS selects the Corsair HS70 wireless headset as RECOMMENDED PRODUCT. The iCUE software has been designed to provide the best possible sound (even better with the iCUE software’s own EQ), a very stable wireless connection, quality construction and materials, very good comfort at a VERY competitive price.

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