Enacfire E18

ENACFIRE bluetooth E18 headphones

The ENACFIRE E18 is, above all, a wireless headset that is highly recommended for sports thanks to its IPX5 water resistance and lightness.

They are very light once worn, favouring comfort and the feeling that they won’t fall over when you move your head.

Equipped with cVC 8.0 noise cancellation and possibility of using only one earpiece. In calls the voice is heard in a single headset, detail improved in the version E18 plus with calls in stereo.

It is not one of the best in sound performance at a musical level (no problem for calls). The music is heard clearly but with little body, both in the middle and in the bass. It doesn’t sound bad, but it lacks punch. They are not compatible with APTX (better sound quality and lower latency than the SBC standard), but the already mentioned E18 plus are. I haven’t had the feeling of isolation as in other headphones, like in the DELINUO TWX-T9. Although I don’t see as something negative to have more presence of the ambient sound, it will depend on the use and taste.

The charging box is very portable, small and lightweight. On the other hand, it only allows 5 full recharges of the headset. Each charge is equivalent to about 3h of autonomy.

Although you can’t turn the volume up and down from the headset, you can still play a song, accept or reject calls. They can also be used in 1-handset mode.

If you are looking for an in-ear headset with bluetooth 5.0, suitable for sports, comfortable, light and with a decent sound, the ENACFIRE E18 headset may be a good option.

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