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At the time of writing, the BAKIBO S3 PRO TWS bluetooth 5.1 in-ear headset is among the 20 most popular headset at You have a very dignified finish and the feeling is of good materials. They are tactile, a detail that is not very decisive but it is nice not to have to press the headset in the ear.


It has some very good attributes, such as a 3100 mAh rechargeable case, which provides about 30 recharges of the headphones. The case is equipped with a display that shows the remaining battery. It also has CVC 8.0 noise cancellation, although once you put it in, it’s not very noticeable either, really. It has an IPX7 protection, equivalent to immersion up to 1m for 30 minutes. Great option for sports, also for its lightness and comfort.

Thanks to having Bluetooth 5.1I have noticed that it connects to my smartphone almost instantly. In the face of the packaging it stands out that they are compatible with the AAC codec, but its lack of audio definition makes this attribute invaluable.


And here comes the great BUT of the BAKIBO S3 PRO TWS headphones: the sound. In my numerical rating, I gave it a 5.4. Very attenuated basses, poor mids and low-definition highs. It’s not that they sound like the headphones in the corner bazaar either, but it’s a 5.4 on a scale where 10 would be for a 350 studio headphone, to put us in. They are a bit too loud, I wouldn’t wear them to listen to music on public transport. To put something positive in their sound, I can assure you that they don’t fatigue, there are no annoying frequencies in the ear.


I would only recommend the BAKIBO S3 PRO TWS to anyone who wants to play sports without worrying about sweat, who does not have sound quality as one of their main preferences and who is looking for a large battery capacity (3100 mAh in the charging case). With much better results and at a lower price, I recommend the Homscam QCY T5, or for just over 10 euros, the great Delinuo T9 TWS.


  • Bluetooth 5.1
  • Tactile
  • Large capacity battery
  • CVC8.0 Noise Cancellation
  • IPX7
  • Lightness and comfort
  • AAC Codec
  • Case with % battery display



  • Very low bass
  • Poor midrange frecuencies
  • Poorly defined treble
  • Lack of volume


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